How RfC Works

We will always aim for full and complete transparency as we run Raising for Change! 

All sales on this site, with the exception of our $1 mobile wallpapers, benefit causes ranging from human rights to food access to planet protection.

Our wallpapers help fund the running of Raising for Change so that proceeds from our higher cost items do not have to go toward business costs. Because of payment processing fees, we only receive $0.66 from each sale of a Wallpaper. This site, email and phone for RfC cost upwards of $800 USD to run per year at the time of launch. We have a Patreon and a PayPal tip jar for those who want to help support what we do by contributing to the costs of running RfC - with any surplus split amongst our Causes at the end of the year. Our founder does not take a salary from running RfC and we do not maintain a balance after our costs are covered.

Our prints and the other higher-priced products we may launch in the future, work like this: 

Let's use the example of one of our launch prints, the 16x24 Glen Coe which is $150 USD.

  • There's the cost of that photo to become a fine art print through our Professional Lab, which in December 2020 is $82.00 including the taxes our lab needs to charge.
  • The tax we pay as well as shipping and handling to get it to you averages another $15 give or take some change. The customer's location impacts the price of shipping and the tax paid.
  • The fee we pay in order to be able to process the payment is $5
  • That leaves approximately $48 going to Edinburgh Food Project.

The model we have chosen to pursue is that of raising the most amount of money possible, to change the world, without being extraordinary. Our prices are higher than other print shops, but not even close to the highest in the business, because of the charitable element.

We hope that our customers align with our desire to make the world a better place and thus see the investment of their purchase, and the proceeds from it, as a worthwhile expense and a pleasant exchange that makes giving fun! 

For any specific questions related to all of this or anything at Raising for Change, contact us and we'd be happy to elaborate in greater detail.