Raising for Change

was started by photographer Kirsten Alana with help from dear friends - Rick and Spadge - in the UK, who suggested the name.

2020 was a year in which profound change was forced on most of our lives all around the globe.

As we saw our ability to make a living nearly evaporate at the same time as global need skyrocketed everywhere - and governments didn't always respond with the help citizens needed - we found ourselves wondering how we could use the talents we have, to help those who weren't getting the help they needed right where they lived. So we joined together. To sell prints that benefit local causes operating in the communities we live in, and in the places we have created our photos.

At Raising for Change we are photographers with purpose, driven by the belief that we can all rise to the challenges created in 2020, and beyond, when we're careful about the purchases we make. From everyday essentials to gifts. We have the ability to benefit a good cause or at least ensure we aren't doing further harm to people and the planet if we're careful about where and how we shop. Raising for Change will start with photographic prints. What more will it eventually lead to?

If you're interested in joining us, and selling your prints or products for a cause, contact us today! And if you don't see the type of print you'd like to purchase available on this site, again, contact us to make a request.


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